We Ride
We Party
We Are 

We Are Old School

Started in 1975, the Valiants MC are the 2nd oldest club in Colorado.

We:  - put 1000s of miles a year on our scooters.
        - get along with (almost) everyone, clubs and independents
        - are old school and like to party 
        - are welcome in clubhouses across the country
        - have multiple chapters and clubhouses
        - take care of our own - Brotherhood
        - understand most guys have to work and take care of their families

We are not:- 1%ers
         - a support club, never have been never will be
         - tough guys or drug addicts                 
         - open to women or law enforment being members (don't ask)
         - Harley snobs (well some of us are)

We know it’s hard to find like minded people to ride with and if you like what you see look us up.

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